Payroll / PEO / HR

Employees are the highest expenses an employer has. Making the right decisions about how to handle payroll and which payroll, PEO (Employee Leasing) and/or HR services you use is one of the most important decisions a business owner will make. Not making the right choice will not only cause you headaches and waste valuable time, it may lead to costly penalties (tax or compliance), loss of insurance discounts and dividends or employees not being paid.

Mazza Insurance & Financial Services, LLC is an independent broker for the top payroll, PEO (Employee Leasing) and HR providers in Florida. With our principal’s vast experience as a previous owner in the payroll and PEO industries, we can help your company get the services you really need without spending money on what you don’t.

Our advice when considering a payroll company or PEO change:

  • Talk to us (or someone independent that really understands the ins and outs of payroll companies and PEOs)!

 Top 5 reasons you should you talk to us first, an independent broker, instead of dealing directly with a “company” salesperson?

  1. We will tell you the good, the bad and the ugly about each service provider so that you don’t have to make a decision based on the best sales pitch. (Each provider has strengths & weaknesses in different industries.)
  2. We will get you the best products, services and deal without having to sign a contract. (How great can the service be if they know you can’t leave?)
  3. Service providers know that we brokers have good relations with many companies. (We will get you the services you need at the best price available without having to waste valuable time haggling.)
  4. Service providers know we will help you leave if they don’t service your needs. (Very few of our clients have left the services we helped them establish because the providers know we will seamlessly move you somewhere else if needed.)
  5. In-house sales people will often package or bundle services with their company that really doesn’t provide the best products, services and prices available to you. As an independent broker, we may package a number of products and services from several providers to better match your specific needs and to save you money.

Before you consider a change in your payroll, PEO or HR providers, it will pay to contact us for a truly independent cost analysis and comparison. We will save you money, period!