Boat Insurance

Boat insurance protects your boat just as Auto Insurance protects your car. You would never drive your car anywhere without Auto Insurance and you should never use your boat without Boat Insurance.


Despite the fact that most states do not require Boat Insurance, there are a few instances where insurance may be required. Certain marinas may require Boat Insurance in order to dock your boat. If you have a loan on your boat, the bank will require Boat Insurance. You will be required to list your bank as a loss payee in order to cover the bank’s interest in your boat.

Why do you need Boat Insurance? You need it to cover potential damages to the boat, people, other boats and/or the property on all. What are your Boat Insurance options?


Liability– If you cause an accident, liability coverage will pick up costs linked to bodily injury and property damage inflicted on others.

Comprehensive– In the event of a non-collision related occurrence, you will be covered for repairing damages to your boat. Non-collision related occurrence examples include fire, vandalism and theft.

Collision– In the event of a collision, you will be covered for repairing damages to your boat.


*Policies can be customized to include these coverages, they are not automatically included

Towing– If your boat is immobilized, on-water towing will be covered.

Mechanical Breakdown– In the event of a mechanical breakdown, coverage to repair or replace the drive motor and lower unit of an outboard motor is included.

Trip Interruption– In the event of damage or a covered loss, accommodation, transportation, and meal expenses will be covered.

Uninsured Boat Coverage– As boat insurance is optional in a majority of states, this coverage will take effect when property damage and or injuries occur due to an accident caused by an uninsured boater.


Although boat insurance is not required in many states for pleasure boats, why take the risk? Boat Insurance is relatively inexpensive and can be customized to suit your needs and budget. There is a common misconception that boats are covered under homeowners policies. While smaller boats (under a certain size or value) on your property may be covered, larger boats require a specific boat insurance policy.

The cost of boat insurance is dependent on many factors. The boat type, size, age, state, and navigational area are all taken into consideration when determining the yearly premium. There are a variety of discounts to take advantage of.