Classic Car Insurance

Your classic car isn’t just any automobile; so why would you buy just any auto insurance to cover it? Think about it: if you simply register your classic car on your current insurance policy, the only consideration will be the year, make and model. Coverage limits will be assigned based solely on its age and blue book value. If you are ever in an accident with your classic car, you could wind up recovering far less than the car is actually worth.

Customize your insurance policy,, along with your ride! The value of the vehicle, the annual mileage and other pertinent factors can be tailored to fit the individual vehicle. Whether you drive your car to all the auto shows or if you limit your use to the occasional relaxing ride, we can make sure your policy reflects your habits. Even better, when you take out a policy on your classic car, you will be able to take advantage of an exhaustive list of low-cost additions, based on the collector’s features you have added.


Liability– In the case that you cause an accident, your insurance coverage will help pay for injuries and property damage. It is important to note, every state has different liability limit requirements. What if you sustain damage to your vehicle in an accident, collide with a pedestrian, or a tree falls on your car? Liability only coverage will not cover such claims. Fill in the gaps in your insurance by adding Comprehensive and Collision coverages.

Collision – This insurance policy will pay for any damage to your automobile in the event of an accident. This includes colliding with another vehicle or with an object.

Comprehensive – This policy covers events that occur that may be unrelated to a collision – such as theft, vandalism, fire, natural disasters, falling objects.


*Policies can be customized to include these coverages, but are not automatically included

Roadside Assistance– This coverage assists with situations such as car failures, gas deliveries, tire changes, etc. (up to a certain dollar amount).

Flatbed Towing– Towing your classic car is covered (up to a certain number of miles), in the event of a breakdown,

Car Show Expense– In the event of a mechanical breakdown or accident, you will be covered for the car show fee and any accommodation fees (amount based on policy limit).

If you own a classic car, you need more than just standard auto insurance. Classic Car Insurance takes into account the collectible value of the car too. Replacing a late model car and replacing a classic car are very different propositions. Don’t let the money and time spent restoring your classic car go to waste.