Power Sports Insurance

How confident are you in the Power Sports Insurance coverage you have on your sports or small recreational vehicle? When was the last time you reviewed your insurance policy on your ATV, snowmobile or jet ski? If you don’t have insurance on these things, or if they are under-insured, you are leaving yourself wide open to a total loss or a costly liability. Power Sports Insurance is specifically designed to let you enjoy your recreational and sports vehicles, while knowing you have the coverage you need.


Power sports insurance is available to people who use any kind of small motorized recreational vehicle from dirt bikes to jet skis to virtually any such land or water craft. The types of vehicles we insure span the spectrum and we are confident that no matter what kind of vehicle you own – or how many – we can steer you into the right coverage to adequately cover them in the event of any kind of mishap or loss. If you’re wondering if we can insure your vehicle based on its type or its age, the answer is almost always, “Yes!”

A power sports insurance policy covers both you and your vehicle: enhanced medical benefits for you should you ever get into an accident, and the right comprehensive and liability coverage for your vehicle, too. We even take it one step further by offering additional coverage against fire or theft should you choose to add it. With the level of coverage and protection we offer, we’re sure you will agree that the cost is reasonable. We’re also confident that it will be lower than you think.